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Big brother Jensen (x)

He probably regretted moving the chair as soon as he saw Jared attempting to get it back. 

This was my favorite moment of the con to be honest. There are moments when Jensen and Jared just fall away and how they feel about each other as friends and brothers really comes through. Sometime’s its an admiring look or a hug, and here it’s concern for a hurt shoulder.

As an aside, Jensen’s love for Thomas, is a total reflection on how much he loves Jared, and his pride at being so important to that kid shined so bright it nearly blinding. 

Jensen and Jared’s friendship is so genuine, and I don’t understand how anyone can doubt what they mean to each other. 

O: If you made a friend, why are you so sad?

M: Well sir… I lost him.

"If I’m gonna be anything the thing I’m gonna be is a bad ass."
-Teddy Roosevelt (According to Drunk History)  (via pinevalleylove)


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elektro2490: Soooo this happened! All the girls in the universe u may cry now, Nial Horran from One Direction, met him in Selfridges today. Well, its London I guess

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What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.



hey guys i know everyone is focusing on pakistan, ferguson, and palestine (which is good!!!) but please please dont forget about iraq.

isis (a terrorist organization) has made thousands flee their homes, convert or die, and are buying and selling women as slaves. innocent people are being…